Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday December 16, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Use Silvers

Tuesday December 16, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Use Silvers

Happy holidays everyone!  If you are like me, you are probably trying to watch your spending around the holidays.  Last year we decided to make it a standing rule among the adults in our family.  Hand made presents only.  We had such a great time making and recieving our gifts.  The thought and effort that was put into the gift selection and creating made it very special, both for the giver and for the one receiving the gift. I know that we all felt the love that we have for each other in each gift.  One of my gifts this year is a set of etched stemless wine glasses for my Mother.  She loves owls, so I went with an silver owl theme. 

Materials needed
4 clear glasses
Armour Etch etching cream
Scrap pieces of vinyl


First I picked out four different types of owls from the Cricut cartridge "Hoot n Holler".  I loaded each owl into Design Space.  I needed to do a little tweaking to get them to cut out the way I wanted.  I first ungouped each owl, got them the way I wanted and then attached them.  You may need to experiment to get the right cut.

I cut each owl out of vinyl, and then weeded the vinyl.  I weeded out the part that I wanted to have etched on the glass.  I then applied the vinyl to the glasses. I bought my glasses at the dollar store.  They have lots of different styles and the price is right.

I used a product called Armour Etch to etch the glass.  You can find this product at any craft store.

I applied the cream to the glass, over the vinyl stencil.  I applied it liberally, and periodically brushed the cream over the vinyl to make sure everything was covered.  I left the cream on for 20 minutes.  The directions say to leave on for 5 minutes, but I wanted to make sure that the cream really took a hold! Be careful though, if you get even a tiny bit on any part of the glass, it will leave an etching mark.  Make sure to have a paper towel handy to wipe any cream off if it isn't where it is suppose to be.

After the alloted time, I washed the glasses under warm water to remove ALL of the cream.  I then wiped each glass off and voila!

Here is the finished project.  It is so easy!  

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Have a great holiday everone, and 
Go On! Craft On!
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