Monday, July 28, 2014

2014-2015 Design Team

The first part of the 
Talented Team of Twenty Two... 
Over the next few days you will be introduced to the 
Talented Team and a sample of their projects. 
In the meantime, check out these first few members.

Connie Walsh

Eileen Fields 

Karen Haywood

Laurie Levorson

 Pam Larmore

Rebecca Benson

Trish Carrier 

Vicki Glenn

 Design Team Call 2!!!
By personal invitation only. I am looking for a few more to finished of the Talented Team of Twenty Two. I may have approached you from seeing your work on Pinterest or in a Facebook group or from a design team member's personal recommendation. BUT you may still apply even if I did not contact you....
 You do not need to make a new project to apply... Just a quick two minute application.

Would you like to show your amazing projects to over 21,000 Social Media contacts???
1,907 Mailing list subscribers,
 1,316 blog followers
144 Ustream followers
Twitter and YouTube coming soon!

What is your commitment??
A term of 6 months- 

during which you will posting twice a month
Plus one blog hop of choice per month.

 If you don't have a blog? That's ok, You don't need one! 

To submit for the design team call
please do the following....
With the subject line DESIGN TEAM CALL 2
Before Friday August 1...

1. Your name
2. Blog Address if you have one
3. Social media sites, pinterest, twitter, and any galleries where your work is. 
4. Attach one project or a link to facebook or pinterest, showing your style of work. Unless I have contacted you personally, then no need to send me a work sample

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