Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22nd - F.R.O.G

So today's theme is very special.... most people think of a Thanksgiving theme.... We have already shown you plenty of Thanksgiving crafts with time to make them. So today I will share with you another connection of thanks. I do try to not impose my faith on anyone, but today I want to share it..... 

Ever wonder what F.R.O.G. can stand for.... I have seen it two ways....
1. Forever Rely On God
2. Fully Rely On God

When Bella was a not born yet, after I learned what F.R.O.G. stood for I knew she was a girl but decided to decorate her bathroom with Frogs. It was just a subtle little thing that I knew was the reason why.... 

More reasons..... They say people come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime..... Everyone I have ever met has come into my life for a reason.... I have been lucky enough to make and meet some new friends who have been around a season or more.... the ones that I value just as much as a reason are those who have come into my life for a lifetime. I have been so blessed with family and friends.... I have that handful of best friends who you cannot talk to for 2 months and you call and they stop what they are doing to come and help you. I will not forget the friends who have come to help me and been there to listen. I still remember a 2:00 am phone call from my best friend when her mom passed away a few years ago.... I got out of bed, still in pajamas and drove an hour just so she could cry and fall asleep in 3 minutes.... I drove an hour each way everyday because she needed it..... She is now a great mom.... sometimes we learn from the mistakes our parents make and make them into the best lessons learned. I know I tell my mom I learned alot from her as a parent.... many things to do and some things not to do. I share both of those with her.... The one thing that I learned the most, or rather something that had the biggest effect on me, was the Christmas that I had to spend with my biological father. It was my worst Christmas EVER. Our Christmas's are so full of traditions and moments and memories made.... Now going through a divorce myself (I am still ashamed of it) I gave up many things so that I could share ALL Christmas Eves with Bella. I will have her from Noon Christmas Eve to noon Christmas day.... Then her dad will get her at Noon each Christmas day. It worked for us. But it was just something that stuck out to me as a child, but it was one of the things I learned as a child that effected me as a parent. Her and I have always had such strong Traditions for Christmas Eve.... I am so excited for this Christmas Eve!!! Well I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed.... Merry Almost Christmas! 

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