Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday October 19, 2011

This is my favorite day of the week!!! I made Edible Kit Kat wrappers that were so cute, I was in a rush to get my husband to the airport, so I left them on the table and was working on some Oreo cookies. We were in a rush so I left everything on the table. I came home and went to sit at the table, but i was missing a few things.... as I was looking at the table and trying to figure out what was missing...... all of the treats I made were missing. Layla (My Chocolate Lab) ate them ALL! All of my little treats!!! about a dozen Kit-Kats.... she got up on the dinning room table and ate them all!!! She has always swipped a snack or two off of the coffee table in the living room but NEVER anything off of the dinning room table!!! I could have only imagine what she looked like on the table. She is about 85 pounds.... we have never given her the run of the house when were are not home, until Gracie was gone. I think that was a first and last time ;) But, the great news is, that they look even better the second time around! I will show you them on Friday, don't forget to stop back for the blog hop on Friday beginning at Getting Cricky with K Andrew, don't worry I will give you the link to the beginning of the hop! There will also be a Halloween Hop going through here, I originally made the candy wrappers on my Cricut Cake and then my dog ate them! No joke. So I have made new edible candy wrappers and I will show them to you on Friday during the hop. Great news is they look better this time around ;) On to what the design team has made to share!

Laura used the cart Life's A Beach for this Get "Whale" Soon card...

Tracy used  the Cake Everyday Sampler.  Her blog address is
Rosa, this is a secret rendezvou between two magical creatures. See how they sparkle. They were made with Paper Dolls Dress Up. Visit her at
Lisa Newton-Orensky used Everday Paper Dolls, Don Juan, Printing Press, 50 States, Plantin Schoolbook, Cuttin' Up! Her blog address is

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